January 9, 2018

IRS Back Tax Returns

Due to increasingly complex tax laws, many taxpayers find themselves pressed by severe problems and owing money to the IRS for un-filed back tax returns. Although the federal government collects trillions of tax dollars annually, unpaid back taxes still surpass billions. The IRS is a powerful and intimidating agency, and you need the help of a qualified tax attorney to help resolve your issues.


Serious Problems for the Delinquent Taxpayer

Owing taxes threatens families, closes businesses and causes financial ruin.  Delinquent taxpayers often face:

  • Fear of detection
  • Fear of filing late tax returns, becoming burdened with an impossible IRS back tax debt
  • Loss of business
  • Inability to access bank account funds
  • Loss of income due to wage garnishment or Social Security levy
  • Asset seizures