Top Things To Do in Bakersfield, California

January 8, 2024

Things To Do in Bakersfield, California

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Bakersfield, the California Central Valley town offers more than who you might think. Your next reaction would be, ‘Must be expensive!” Well, you need to get the facts right! It is also actually economical! You can get the best-rated hotel for less than USD 200 a night. You can also find the top rated tax attorneys in the Central Valley in this great town. The climate here is usually pleasant with more than 270 days of sunshine and only 20 days of rain annually. The best times to visit are from March to May and October to November.

However, due to Bakersfield’s geography, it is recommended to avoid visiting it during the summer season.

1. Delve Into the Music and the Bakersfield Sound

Bakersfield hosts a vast number of venues to enjoy great music.

  • Crystal Palace

The legends of singing like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard are known to create the Bakersfield Sound, the string orchestra-laden style of country music that became popular in the late 1950s. To bring a glitzy alternative to the smoke equipped bars, Buck created his Crystal Palace music hall in Bakersfield. The interior looks like that of the American Old West in the 19th century. At present, the palace also contains an Owens’ memorabilia too.

  • Rockwell Opry at Trout’s

Trout is a real Bakersfield honky-tonk-style bar that holds the legacy of authentic Bakersfield Sound. It celebrates the present and upcoming music artists 6 nights a week.

  • Fox Theater

This wonderful theater dates back to 1930 and is stunning inside both inside and outside. It was just saved from being demolished in the 1990s, and now presents a wide range of performances and events.

  • Rabobank Arena

The Rabobank Arena is one of the trending venues in Bakersfield for any event and has witnessed the performances of the artists including Elton John, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and Alice Cooper.

2. Sample Basque Food

Bakersfield is known for Basque eateries and cuisine. This local Basque community hails back from the immigrants who migrated into the area during the 1800s. The workers stayed around the hotels. As a result, several restaurants emerged specializing in the cuisine. American Basque food is sumptuous, cozy and served on big platters, like in a family, on long communal tables. Irrespective of the restaurant you opt, you will have similar menu on the table including cabbage soup, cottage cheese, boiled vegetables in white sauce, and fresh salad with self-grown lettuce and not to forget a compulsory meat dish which might be anything from chicken to lamb.

3. Go Experiencing the Whitewater Rafting

The whitewater experience at the Kern River near Bakersfield presents wonderful experiences. Around 50 miles northeast of Bakersfield, there is whitewater in Lake Isabella. The season starts usually in March or April, when the Mt. Whitney’s snow starts melting and last up to September. The best whitewater can be found at the 21-mile stretch of the Kern River below the Lake Isabella dam. To know about the best season time for spring and summer rafting, check the levels of snow in the Mt. Whitney area. Local outfitters offer whitewater rafting trips that usually range from 1 to 3 days.

4. Get Set Go – Watch or Drive a Car race

If you are a car race lover and love to watch car races, treat yourself in the Bakersfield area. The Kern Raceway is a half mile oval speedway. The Great American Days provides you with a chance to see what it feels like to be a NASCAR driver at the Kern Raceway! You can even opt for watching the Auto Club Famoso Raceway if you lack the patience to watch a long race.

5. Revisit the Dust Bowl at Sunset Camp

If you can reminisce “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinback, you might establish a familiarity with this place. Even the movie based on this novel in 1940 had some of the scenes filed there. During 1930s, it was known as the Arvin Federal Government Camp, made to host around 300 people in single room cabins and tents. The camp aimed at providing a refuge to the workers who were migrating from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. It is now known as the Sunset Camp or Weedpatch Camp and is still known to help migrants.

6. Say ‘Hi’ to The Wildlife

Just north to the Bakersfield, you can find the Kern National Wildlife Refuge, known for its immaculate grasslands and marshes. The most common animals found there include the San Joaquin kit Fox, Buena Vista Lake shrew, and the blunt-nosed leopard lizard. You can tour it on a 6-mile driving tour. There are a total of 11 stops. Just pick up a brochure at the refuge headquarters for the complete details as to what you can see at every stop.

7. Miscellaneous Things You can do

Just 55 miles east of Bakersfield is Lake Isabella, a recreational lake in the Sierra Nevada foothills at around 2500 ft elevation. Near Lake Isabella, there is Silver City Ghost Town. It was created in 1960s and 70s from destructed historic structures. Today it serves as an outdoor museum.

Another thing worth doing in Bakersfield is a visit to the Dewar’s Candy Shop. The shop has been making a statement since 100 years and is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth rave. Some people also claim it to be the most authentic old-fashioned ice cream parlor popular for its banana splits and dreamy flavors.

Agriculture is another great thing you can do in Bakersfield. According to the New York Times, the Central Valley of California is the land of millions of veggies. However that is not the only thing. The crops also include almonds, cotton, grapes, cotton, melons, citrus, cotton, grapes, hay, and stone fruits like nectarines, plums, and apricots. There is still space to grow rose plants also. Though there aren’t any dedicated to the local agriculture, you won’t miss seeing it, either. In fact, is you drive through the surrounding countryside, kit might trigger your hunger!

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