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March 11, 2017

Individual-Tax Returns Prepared by a Tax Lawyer

Why a tax attorney and not and accountant?

Tax Attorney Lawyer 7 Fresno, CaA tax attorney is a very vital person to incorporate in any business. This person will help you maneuver prior or after tax related issues. Well, an accountant is a vital employee also, but in this capacity, a tax attorney becomes indispensable. This is as a result of remarkable advantages affiliated to the tax attorney such as the attorney-client privilege among others. For instance, in a situation where a criminal tax case is filed against you by IRS, the federal accountant-client privilege would not apply; even in non-criminal cases. Furthermore, forcing a client’s accountant to testify against his client as a witness is not unusual.

Any statement you make to your tax attorney can never be revealed to anyone, not even the IRS. Owing to the complexity of the Federal and California tax law, a skilled tax attorney is normally trained to help analyze the law and identify the loopholes that can be legally helpful in saving your money.  The tax codes of the Federal and California are very long. To be precise, the word count in our tax codes goes beyond 3.7 million.  Well, it is unfortunate that there are many circumstances where even the IRS themselves fail to understand the tax law. In many cases, this is where Valley Tax Law, a Fresno-based tax law company can assist.

Tax Tips for Tax Preparation

IRS Tax Lawyers 8 Fresno, CaWith great experienced amassed over the years, experts at Valley Tax Law advice their clients to think of their taxes as a quarterly job. This would ease their tax preparation and ensure that they have no legal issues. This is illustrated below.

First Quarter- July Aug Sept

This is the time when you need to put your last tax year records in order and then start a new tax year filing system. You also have to sort out the receipts you have so far accumulated.

Second Quarter – Oct Nov Dec

In this particular time, you need to think of the amount of money you have earned throughout the year. You should also include any outstanding tax payments.

Third Quarter- Jan Feb March

Get prepared to file your taxes. Avail all the necessary documents and separate the receipts so as to obtain the ones required.  Keep your receipts and forms organized on a file system. They are very important in case you get audited. These forms include paycheck stubs, W-2/1099 Forms, Receipt from any item you can deduct in case you plan to itemize, both insurance and medical records, and charitable records if there.

Tax Relief Fresno, Ca

Fourth Quarter- April

This is now the time to book an appointment Fresno Valley Tax Law. The tax law experts will assist in reviewing and preparing your personal income tax statements. If you are not a resident of Fresno, Valley Tax Law can still solve your tax returns issue via phone, email and snail mail.

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