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January 4, 2018

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Tax Attorney Fresno

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In an industry filled with deceit and scammers, trust and integrity count for everything. We have worked hard for years to treat clients the way they deserve to be treated, and got them the relief they needed when times were the most rough. When things need to happen quickly to get a wage garnishment or levy removed, we work tirelessly for our clients to make sure that burden doesn’t continue to restrict their lives. Over the years, our practice of taking care of our clients first, and worrying about profits later, has left us with a sustainable business (unlike the other companies that seem to come and go every year), thousands of happy clients, and the highest rating from the BBB (A+ rating) in the industry.

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We will go through your entire financial situation, step-by-step and see what programs you qualify for, determine how we can help, and answer any questions that you may have.


2) Research and Investigation

4-7 Days

Using the Power of Attorney, we will work with the IRS to determine what evidence they have against you (without disclosing anything), so we can create a plan of attack.


3) Fight for the Best Resolution

2-5 Months

After learning exactly what they have against you, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, removing all the penalties we can, and fighting for a great settlement for you.


4) Finally Enjoy the Freedom You Deserve!


Once your tax burdens have been lifted, you can go on living your life again! You will finally be free of the burdens chasing you, and can start fresh with no tax debt

Tax Problems that We Solve

IRS Back Tax Returns

If you are facing back tax issues, the most important thing you can do is to become compliant again with the IRS. Usually this means going back and filing all of the back tax returns that you didn’t do in years past, but there are a few things that can make this much faster and easier. We can save you a TON when it comes to claiming deductions and making sure everything lines up correctly, so give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Tax Liens

One of the more impactful steps that the federal government can take against you is to put a tax lien on your property. This basically means that they take legal ownership of the property until all debts can be paid off on it. You won’t be able to sell, refinance, or don’t actually legally own until you can repay everything you owe plus interest. We can get these liens removed and amounts reduced quickly for you. Call us now to find out how.

Bank / Property Levies

One step further than a tax lien is for the bank to actually place a levy on your property, and physically take it to pay back what you owe. This is legal thievery on the part of the government, and can be placed on your home, cars, boats, property, etc.! If you have had a notice of an impending levy on your property, then you need to act quickly to have that removed before the government will come and take possession of your hard-earned property!

IRS Notices and Letters

One of the first things that the IRS will start to do is send a continuing barrage of letters and notices, that are so filled with technical language that no one can understand it! Unfortunately, they expect you to know exactly what to do when receiving these letters, or they’ll add on more penalties and take your stuff. If you have started receiving these letters or notices, we can help you plan out exactly what you should do to make them stop.

Penalties and Interest

If you owe the IRS any significant amount of money, chances are that it has been increased dramatically because of various penalties and interest charges that have been tacked on over time. These are just little ways for the government to gouge normal people of extra money just because they can. We fight these every single day, and can have them significantly reduced and even removed, so you can just pay the amount you owe, not more.

Wage Garnishments

If you have gotten behind on paying your taxes, the IRS actually has the legal ability to go to your employer (or whoever does your payroll), and garnish a significant percentage of your wages before you even see it, which is known as a wage garnishment. This usually puts people in a tough spot when it comes to making sure all monthly expenses are paid. We work quickly to get these garnishments removed, so you can move on and live your life!

Payroll Taxes

For many businesses, staying on top of taxes and managing a growing business with employees is very difficult to do. There are just not enough hours in the day to make sure everything gets fully taken care of. So if you have fallen behind on your business taxes, or on the amount you owe in payroll or employee expenses, we can help get you back on track, so you can focus on what matters – continuing to run and grow your business.

Revenue Officer

After the IRS has sent enough letters and notices, they’ll take it up a notch, and start sending revenue officers to your home and business, specifically to harass you for the amount you owe. How embarrassing would it be to have one of these show up at your work in front of all your co-workers and boss? Or worse than that, at your home in front of your family? We can stop these revenue officers in their tracks, and make the harassment stop.

Services that We Provide Our Clients

Experienced Tax Lawyer

If you have run into hard financial times with the federal government, the best ally you can have on your side is an experienced tax attorney that can guide you through the mess. We have an entire firm of tax lawyers ready to take care of your case, and get you relief. These are things we work with every single day, so we know the little statues, limitations and tricks that the IRS uses. We have separate phone numbers that the public doesn’t, so can make things happen for you.

Offer in Compromise

One of the best ways to save a ton on the back taxes that you owe (sometimes upwards of 90% – 95% off), is to negotiate an Offer in Compromise. While this is a long and difficult process, it can help you legally avoid a huge portion of your tax debt. Be careful though, if you divulge too much personal financial information, they might tack on more penalties and interest. We can help you navigate these rough waters, and get incredible savings like these.

Installment Agreements

The IRS will be very pushy about getting back the money they are owed, and usually stop at nothing to get it. They will usually try and make you pay it back all at once (which most people can’t afford), but we can help you negotiate an Installment Agreement, which will let you pay over time. This is basically a payment plan, and can help you to stop their harassment, yet pay back what you owe in a way you can afford, and that doesn’t kill your monthly expenses.

Penalty Abatement

One thing that the federal government loves to do is tack on penalties and interest to the amount you owe, just so they can make more money. Fortunately for many of our clients, our firm has the ability to negotiate the removal of a lot of those add-on fees, known as Penalty Abatement. This is a great way to reduce the amount they say you owe, to what you actually owe, and not pay exorbitant penalties and interest charges.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Depending on your living and marriage situation, you or your spouse can actually be completely innocent from debts that have been acquired over time. This arrangement, known as Innocent Spouse Relief, is usually tricky to negotiate, but we can help to make sure either you or our spouse don’t have to face the same penalties and issues that the other does if they don’t deserve it. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

Currently Not Collectible

The last service that we provide to our clients is helping to get their status with the feds to be currently not collectible, so the government will stop chasing and harassing them. If you have faced financial hard times within the last few years, such as a divorce / separation, medical emergency, etc, then chances are we can help to stop the continual letters and notices, or even revenue officers from coming after you. A quick, 15-minute consultation will help to find out what can be done.

A FREE Tax Consultation Phone Call Will Have You Sleeping Better Tonight!